The East Meets The West Ep. 5 – Masked Avengers and The Return of Ringo

Wènhòu péngyǒu!

(Greetings friends!)

We’ve got a fun episode for you, and it’s the last episode of 2020! Re-Gor and Patsy the Angry Nerd take the year out with a bang as they cover the Shaw Brothers film, Masked Avengers from 1981 and the spaghetti western, The Return of Ringo from 1965!

In the first feature, a gang of masked evildoers terrorize the countryside and it’s up to a band of heroes to take them down! The second is the sequel to “A Pistol for Ringo” and is a very different and much darker tale than the first one!

As we examine the Masked Avengers, we delve a little deeper into Phillip Kwok’s career, and discuss what are referred to as the 2nd Tier Venoms – they were usually actors who played a supporting Villain with Lu Feng, and appeared in many of the Venom Mob movies.

The 2nd Tier Venoms who appear in Masked Avengers are as follows:

Chu Ko – who played Liang Yung here.

Chin Siu-Ho – who played Chang Chung (as Hsiao Hau Chien) here.

Wang Li – who played Fong Su Kwong here.

We will discuss more 2nd Tier Venoms as they show up in future films.

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