Then Is Now Podcast

Then Is Now is both a Blog and Podcast that discusses Pop Culture of the past and how it relates, or is perceived in the present.  The concept comes from the fact that when my son was born, I felt the need to bring him up to speed on all the cool things he missed out on.  I feel the same way about today’s generation.  There are too many young people who don’t know about films, TV shows, music, books, magazines and more that shaped pop culture today! They need to be exposed to this stuff!!

Join us on our journey as we discuss beloved Pop Culture phenomenon of the past and bring to light so many cool things are that seem to be fading away from our collective zeitgeist! We’ll be talking about movies, TV Shows, music, horror, Drive-In theaters, collectibles, hobbies, and much, much more!  If you are like me, and remember a lot of the fun stuff that we grew up with, then it’s your job to expose the younger generation to it!  So sit back and listen to our podcasts or read our blogs and learn all about the cool stuff in life that may have passed you by!

Happy Halloween, everyone! It’s finally here: Day 13 of 2023’s 13 Days of Hallowtober event! Our topic this year has
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