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Welcome to the all new New England Classic Horror TV & Movie Portal!

If you didn’t grow up before 1990, you missed out on the joys of poring through TV Guide to find out when the next horror film would be playing. You also missed out on the equally fun chance to browse the local newspapers for movie listings and advertisements, which has become a lost art.

Here, we’ll not only present you with selections of both of those from back in the day – with an emphasis on the 1960’s to the 1980s – but we also have a history of Boston’s “Creature Double Feature,” as well as a list of all the films that played on it, and other listings from back in the day.

We’ll be continually adding new posts with vintage scans for you to peruse, so check back often!

Feel free to contact us with ANY info you have on local Horror & Sci-Fi programs from those decades, and we’ll be happy to post any pictures, videos or simply memories of those great days when TV was actually worth watching!

Boston Retro Horror TV Listings

Check out some history on horror on New England television!

The History of Creature Double Feature

Delve into the history of Boston’s all-time favorite Saturday afternoon monster movie fest: Creature Double Feature!

Creature Double Feature TV Listings

Here you’ll find a list of films shown on Boston’s Creature Double Feature.

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