1970s Horror Films Blog

Welcome to my ambitious endeavor as I will attempt to review every horror film released from 1970 through 1979. There will definitely be some crossover with foreign films as well as exploitation fare, so join me on this journey of discovery. For more details on what this blog is about, check out the Info Post. If you would like to chime in about any aspect of 70s horror, make some requests for films to cover sooner rather than later, want to express your opinion, or anything else pertaining to horror from this groovy and bloody decade, please email me at havenpodcasts@gmail.com!

1970 was a good year for horror and in particular, giallo fans as horror maestro Dario Argento directed his first
Below are more newspaper movie ads for "The Dunwich Horror" from 1970:
Wilbur meets a fiery end.
The first film of the 1970s Horror Films Blog is "The Dunwich Horror" which was released on January 14, 1970,
Welcome to this blog dedicated to horror films of the 1970s! My love for horror movies goes all the way