The East Meets the West Ep. 6 – Life Gamble and Day of Anger


Continuing our journey into Shaw Brothers films and Spaghetti Westerns, Patsy the Angry Nerd and I discuss the 4th Venom Mob film, Life Gamble from 1978, and the amazing team up of the legendary Lee Van Cleef with Spaghetti Western icon Giuliano Gemma in Day of Anger from 1967.

Life Gamble is a complicated Kung-Fu film about a stolen jade artifact and all the people vying for it, including a ruthless gambler, thieves, con artists, an iron-fisted villain and a badass Kung-Fu warrior turned peaceful blacksmith. This film is very different in tone and complexity than the other Shaw films we’ve covered so far, so check it out!

Day of Anger is the teaming of two of Spaghetti Westerns’ greatest actors. Lee Van Cleef is an aging gunslinger who takes Giuliano Gemma under his wing and transforms him from a down and out peon to a master gunslinger himself who takes control of his destiny! The acting and cinematography in this one make it a film not to be missed!

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