The East Meets the West Ep. 3 – Invincible Shaolin and Death Rides a Horse

We’re back! After a ridiculous hiatus, The East Meets the West returns on a regular basis, with Patsy the Angry Nerd! 

This episode we cover the another Chang Cheh directed Shaw Brothers film, Invincible Shaolin (1978), also starring the Venom Mob!  Our second feature covered is the 1967 Lee Van Cleef picture, Death Rides a Horse!

Patsy and I had great fun exploring these movies, in particular because he’s never seen a Spaghetti Western or Shaw Brothers film! If you haven’t either, it’s never too late! Check out The East Meets the West and listen to what you’ve been missing!

For those playing along at home, here is the list of actors, followed by the character they played here, the character they played in 5 Venoms, and if they were in Crippled Avengers, the character they played there:

Lu Feng – played Pao Siao Tung/Bao Shanxiong here (#1 Centipede in 5 Venoms and Dao Chang (School friend of Tu Tin-To) in Crippled Avengers)

Wei Pai – played Mai Feng here (#2 Snake in 5 venoms)

Sun Chien – played Hsu Fong/Xu Fang here (#3 Scorpion in 5 Venoms and Ah-Kuei (LEGS) in Crippled Avengers)

Phillip Kwok (aka Kuo Chui) – played Ho Yen Wu/He Yingwu (#4 Lizard in 5 Venoms and Lin Wing, aka BLIND in Crippled Avengers)

Lo Mang – played Ho Ming Pao/Zhangcheng here (#5 Toad in 5 Venoms and Wei Jia-Jie (DEAF and DUMB) in Crippled Avengers)

Chiang Sheng – played Chun Fei/Yang Zhongfei here (The Student in 5 Venoms and Wang Yi (IDIOT) in Crippled Avengers)

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