What to Watch TV Fall Premieres

What to Watch TV Fall Premieres

Last week’s premieres were mere appetizers for the 2011/2012 fall season. This week sees the return of the big guns in TV and Thursday marks the return of “Must See TV”. For many of us though Friday is our Must See TV, marking then return of two of our favorite shows. Supernatural and Fringe have their season premieres Friday but it doesn’t end there. Monday is the start of a new show that we’ve been waiting for since the teaser trailer appeared almost a year ago, that show is Terra Nova.

Supernatural Season 7 – Episode 1 – Friday CW 9PM

Written by Eric Kripke & Sera Gamble, Directed by Phillip Sgriccia, Staring Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Jim Beaver, Misha Collins

The Brothers Winchester return with their season opener titled, “Meet The New Boss”. When we last saw Sam, Dean and Bobby the
Holy Shit had just hit the fan, with Castiel assuming the power of God. The opening puts season 7 into perspective in regards to Castiel and his new take on the world. “New Boss” boasts a few guest stars from some familiar faces of Supernatural past. Julian Richings reprises his role as Death and Fright Channel favorite Mark Sheppard returns as Crowley. Season 7 is shaping up to be a very intense season, whether it is the last one or not.


Fringe Season 4 – Episode 1 – Friday Fox 9PM

Written by JJ Abrams, Alex Kurtzman, Robert Orci, Directed by Joe Chapelle, Staring Anna Trov, Joshua Jackson, Lance Reddick, Blair Brown John Noble, Jasika Nicole, Seth Gabel.

Fringe kicks off Friday with an episode titled “Nether Here Nor There”. With Peter’s ultimate sacrifice, both worlds are under a banner of truce and have joined forces. Lincoln Lee joins the Fringe crew as they investigate a case involving a shapeshifter. Season 4 is starting off with a big question, “Where is Peter Bishop?”


Terra Nova Season 1 – Episode1 – Monday 8PM

Written by Kelly Marcel & Craig Silverstein, Directed by Alex Graves, Staring Jason O’Mara, Stephen Lang, Christine Adams, Shelley Conn

The year is 2149, and humankind is facing extinction. There is a beacon of hope in the otherwise bleak future: the light is “Terra Nova” and it’s 85 million years in the past. The Shannon family makes the pilgrimage to Tera Nova but no one told them that the camp was in the middle of a hunting ground for some really hungry dinosaurs. Even though this show will be heavily effects laden, it’s going to be so much more. It seems that the past of some of the pilgrims are catching up to them…85 million years in the past.


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