Tsunamis, Crypticness and (sigh) Lack of Jell-O…It Must Be Comic Book Quickies!

Quickies by Shaun Daniels and Edited by Sharon Wong

The Massive Issue 1

Written by Brian Wood, Art by Kristian Donaldson, Colors by Dave Stewart, Letters by Jared K. Fletcher, Covers by Brian Wood & Kristian Donaldson and Rafael Grampá & Dave Stewart and Published by Dark Horse Comics. Retail Price $3.50

The concept is simple enough; the world goes to shit and we mean shit.  From the economic crash to the destruction of the environment leading to rising water levels and deadly tsunamis, a lone voice in the wilderness is the Ninth Fleet, an independent oceanic group.  The Ninth Fleet is navigating the world documenting the changes in the ocean until the Massive, one of the ships, goes missing.  Lead by Captain Callum Israel, the remaining fleet search for the Massive and the causes of the environmental disaster.  The Massive marks the second time Wood and Donaldson have worked together, the first being Supermarket.

SkullKickers Issue 15

Written by Jim Zub, Art by Edwin Huang, Colors by Misty Coats, Art Assists by Ludwig Olimba, Letters by Marshall Dillon, Cover by Saejin Oh and Published by Image Comics. Retail Price $3.50

The big reveal of issue 14 was the life and times of Baldy pre-SkullKickers.  The reveal of issue 15, which is even bigger than the previous issue, is how Baldy entered the world of Skull Kickers.  Before his sojourn begins, the reader is treated to a lot of cryptic ass-kicking with a few even we’ve never heard of (e.g., “The Desert Yeti”).  Overall, the book is another action-packed comedy fun ride that is equally beautiful to look at as it is to sit back and read.  Also, congratulations to Aubrey Sitterson for winning the Tavern Tales writing contest and Ivan Anaya for the art contest.  As a person who submitted and did not win, I hate you both…just kidding as we are looking forward to reading your story.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 Issue 10

Written by Scott Allie & Andrew Chambliss, Pencils by Cliff Richards, Inks by Andy Owens, Colors by Michelle Madsen, Letters by Comiccraft, Covers by Phil Noto and Georges Jeanty and Published by Dark Horse Comics Retail Price $2.99

When one thinks of the phrase ‘Buffy on Buffy action,’ it conjures some really “interesting” ideas involving copious amounts of Jell-O.  Issue 10 pays off on the ‘Buffy on Buffy action’ in spades but just not quite the way we hoped for.  The story arc “A Part of Me” sees changes in the status quo for many of the characters of season 9.  From Spike to Buffy to Buffybot and the SFPD, the characters went on a journey but ended up somewhere else.  About the only resolution missing in this book is with Simone, who will undoubtedly get her comeuppance and hopefully soon.

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