Thou Shall Count to 3…1, 2, Sci-Fi Double Feature 3

Review by Shaun Daniels and Edited by Sharon Wong

Sci-Fi Double Feature 3  Published by Double Feature. Digital Retail Price $.99

A. Einstein: Time Mason

Story & Art by Tony Donley and Colors by Jeff Zornow

The Omega Family

Written by Michael Moreci & Steve Seeley and Art by Tom Scioli

Rolled out over the 2012 Boston Comic Con weekend, Sci-Fi Double Feature 3 serves up a double scoop of sci-fi sweetness with two stories; one is by The Fright Channel/Horror Haven friend Michael Moreci, who is joined by his Hoax Hunters cohort Steve Seeley.  The Moreci and Seeley-penned nostalgic story, The Omega Family, harkens back to Saturday morning cartoons like Herculoids and Space Ghost.  Although it’s a lot of fun, our favorite story of this Sci-Fi Double Feature header was A. (as in Albert) Einstein: Time Mason.  Whichever of the two is your number one, $.99 is a bargain for uninhibited storytelling and topnotch art.  Hopefully, we will be seeing more of these stories and others to come under the Double Feature banner.

Adding a real life person (or persons) to a crazy fictious world is nothing new because for a time it seemed like Nikola Tesla was turning up in every comic book published.  Although this story device is both tried and true, it can fail miserably if not done right.  Tony Donley and Jeff Zornow’s A. Einstein: Time Mason pulls the trope off and does it right.  Readers follow Einstein as he time travels, jumping from the future to ancient Rome.  Whether it’s rubbing elbows with Caesar or containing a black hole, this story is a fun sci-fi romp.  There is also a hint of intrigue as he is eluding the mysterious Time Masons.  Einstein alludes to being on the run from this diabolical group, who never appear in the book but rather receive just a mention in a quick piece of dialogue.  Much like 90% of Double Feature stories so far, this would be a fantastic series to read on a monthly basis.  The art really sells the story, at least with Einstein.  He is never meant to be drawn as a muscular hulk but rather a slender man with toothpick-like limbs.  The one weird thing is seeing Einstein’s six pack abs.

Last but not least is The Omega Family from Michael Moreci, Steve Seeley and Tom Scioli.  This visually crazy book is a tongue-in-cheek trip down Saturday morning cartoon memory lane with the stranded Newton family.  The story opens with a spaceship crashing on the strange, perilous and boulder bear-populated planet where the family is trapped on.  Braving the Upside Down Mountain through the Bog of Nuisance and other dangers, the Newtons reach the land of the boulder bear.  After an encounter with the aforementioned creatures, they find the inhabitants of the crashed spaceship and get a surprise of their lives.  The Omega Family is written as a love letter to Saturday morning cartoons of decades past but not without poking fun at the over the top plots.  This story deserves a follow-up, especially if readers get treated by Scioli.  The man’s art is the reason why we’ll wait around for each issue of Gødland.  Just looking at any panel jam-packed with action makes the Y chromosome tingle.

We said it before and we’ll say it again, Double Feature is the best $.99 you’ll ever spend.

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