Then Is Now – Summer Drive-In – 2013 – Wrap-Up

Re-Published from 2013

The Summer of 2013 was sure eventful and fun movie-wise. The Conjuring comes to mind as the big horror hit of the summer while some big budget films crashed and burned hard like The Lone Ranger and R.I.P.D. Horror on TV was sparse, although on a national level, Svengoolie kept us together as families on Saturday nights on MeTV, treating us to classic horror films with his fun brand of humor. As the season draws to a close, so do many Drive-In Theaters which continue to operate for another month or two, depending on what part of the country they are in.

That being said, some may go dark forever because Hollywood has decided to change the way they exhibit films. No longer will reels of physical film be sent out to theaters; now everything will be in the form of digital files, which means theaters, particularly drive-in theaters, must incur costs upward of $85,000 to purchase a brand new LCD projector that will accommodate this new movie exhibition format. This will put many drive-ins, and probably some of the few mom & pop theaters completely out of business. So please, do what you can to patronize a drive-in closest to you, and if you are able, please contribute to the indiegogo fund to help those surviving pieces of Americana survive for years to come!!! And spread the link around as far and as wide as you can! We must unite as a fan-base and save these treasures from extinction!

As the kids return to school, the warm air starts to go away and the thought of trees turning color becomes a reality, we soon realize that Halloween is also around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about your costume! I have been thinking of one in particular, but the logistics of it are not necessarily feasible. *sigh* If I can’t do a costume exact like the character, i.e. as fully functional as possible, then I won’t do it. Perhaps I put too much pressure on myself. Anyway, send us your costume pictures, and if it’s a complex one, send us your before and after photos as you build it!

Under the Dome was a fun surprise for TV viewers and fans of Stephen King. Falling Skies had another great Summer run as well. Looking toward the future, unfortunately this year there will NOT be the annual UFO Festival in exeter, NH, as their Town Hall is undergoing some rennovations. Check them out for future details!

So to close, here’s to a new Fall Season. A remake of the Tomorrow People is coming to television, as well as Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., some new Walking Dead and Doctor Who (which will lead into the Christmas Special and regeneration from Doctor #11, Matt Smith, to Doctor #12, Peter Capaldi). Also, new seasons of Person of Interest, Supernatural, and Hawaii Five-O!!! If you haven’t checked out my short reviews of some of the summer 2013 films, see them HERE!

We’ve got some cool and kooky things coming up including the search for Uncle Death, and Collections from the Vault! Also, our Boston TV Memories will be expanding via some great research soon!

And don’t forget The Fright Channel will be experiencing a technological make-over that will propel it into the stratosphere!!! Keep checking things out at for further details as they happen!!!


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