Then Is Now Podcast Episode 48 – Rebel Without a Cause

Rebel Without a Cause (1955), starring the iconic and legendary James Dean, is a classic film that everyone MUST see! Lucas from Denmark returns to the show to help me break down this great piece of cinema. We had fun previously exploring American Graffiti, and once again we get a fresh perspective on James Dean’s opus, not only because Lucas is from Denmark, but also because he’s 19 and we like to get a young person’s perspective on pop culture of the past.

This film not only continues to hold up, but it also resonates with young people in any era as James Dean’s character, Jim, and his friend Judy, try to deal with the fact that their parents are just inept at true parenting! This is one of those films that we here at Then Is Now classify as one you SHOULD see!

We advise that you watch the film first, especially with a teenager, and then come back here to listen to our breakdown of the film. We’d like to know if it still is relatable to today’s generation!

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