Then Is Now Podcast Episode 47 – Bruce Boxleitner

While science fiction has never left our pop culture, there are many science fiction films, TV shows, and books from the past that have not been introduced to the younger generation. There are also plenty of TV Shows of all different genres from the past that need to be re-introduced to today’s youth.

Luckily, thanks to various DVD makers and streaming apps, shows like ‘How the West Was Won’, ‘Bring ‘em Back Alive’, ‘Scarecrow and Mrs. King’ and the Sci-Fi epic, ‘Babylon 5′ are finding new life and new audiences as well as the groundbreaking science fiction adventure film, Tron, streaming on Disney+! And therefore, that new audience is also discovering the great actor at the center of each of those shows: Bruce Boxleitner!

Bruce was generous with his time and takes us through the amazing journey of his career from his start in theater all the way to his current work! He’s an actor that you SHOULD know about, so sit back and join us for a fascinating and fun interview with the nicest guy in Hollywood!

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