Then Is Now Podcast Episode 45 – Bill Oberst Jr

Arriving this week on VOD and streaming services is the new Thriller called Painkiller, directed by Mark Savage and written by Tom Parnell and Mark Savage. It is a very timely tale about vigilante justice versus the creators and pushers of opiods.

In the past, we were always guaranteed a movie in any given year starring one of the great horror icons like Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, and dozens of actors who were not afraid to say that they were horror actors. Our guest today is Bill Oberst Jr, the main star of Painkiller, and one among few in today’s generation of performers that comfortably accepts the mantle of “Horror Actor” and thrives in his job!

While there aren’t too many actors these days that would feel comfortable saying that they tend to stick to one genre for the most part, this man embraces the role and it is evident in all of his amazing, and numerous award-winning parts in film and television.

So sit back and listen to my interview with one of the coolest actors in Hollywood!

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