Then Is Now Podcast Episode 41 – Bob Eubanks

As we continue to introduce younger listeners to all the cool Pop Culture stuff of the past that they may have missed out on, TV Game Shows are certainly on that list! Game shows from the 60s to the 80s were wildly popular throughout those decades, and viewers of those shows have fond memories of them to this day.

The Price is Right, Match Game, Family Feud, Hollywood Squares, Let’s Make a Deal, and the $20,000 Dollar Pyramid are just a few shows that are considered classics today, and still popular in reruns online and on the Game Show channel.

We have a special guest today who was host of several Game Shows including Card SharksDream HouseRhyme and Reason, and InfatuationBob Eubanks hosted The Newlywed Game off and on for five decades, on both network and in syndication. The Newlywed Game became one of the top game shows in television history. But our guest is not just a game show host! He’s had a long career that delves into many different facets of the entertainment business, and we’re hoping to get to as much of his career as we can.

So sit back and listen to a fun interview with a man who is truly a legend in Game Show history!

Bob Eubanks can be found at, and the 60Up Balance Board at

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