Then Is Now Podcast Episode 40 – The Abominable Dr Phibes with William & Damon Goldstein and Derek M Koch

50 years ago on May 8th, 1971, a movie came out that was not your average horror picture; a blend of horror, humor, and music put together in a way that it seems perfectly natural and yet unlike any movie before it. It’s a tale of revenge by a man driven insane because of the death of his wife, and the fantastic and horrific ways in which he exacts his revenge, told in a story that’s shrouded somewhat in Dark Comedy. I’m talking of course, about The Abominable Dr. Phibes starring the legendary horror actor, Vincent Price. The movie was so-well received that it garnered a sequel in 1972 called Dr. Phibes Rises Again!

On today’s show, we not only have the return of the amazing Derek M. Koch from Monster Kid Radio, as guest co-host, but also the creator of Dr. Phibes, William Goldstein and his son, Damon! William and Damon have written several books, not only novelizing the films but also delving into the past and further exploits of Dr. Phibes!

So go and watch these films, then come back here to listen to our excellent discussion with the Goldsteins and learn about the history and future of a classic Horror Picture!

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