Then Is Now Podcast Episode 39 – Exploit This!

It’s always fun when you can find a new series of films, or even a genre, that you didn’t know existed. I’m sure some of our listeners have heard or even seen exploitation films, but I’ll bet a vast majority of you don’t know what one is, or you may not even know that you’ve already seen one!

Exploitation is a unique and fascinating genre that pretty much goes back to when film cameras were first invented, and while there are still exploitation films being made today, the general consensus is that their heyday spanned from the 1960s to the 1980s.

On today’s episode, co-host and filmmaker, Chris Esper and I dive into the Exploitation genre with filmmaker, Eric Eichelberger, who is creating a documentary on such films called Exploit This!

Exploit This! Can be found at: 


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