Then Is Now Podcast Episode 34 – American Graffiti (1973)

As regular listeners know, Then Is Now is a show in which we discuss pop culture that is disappearing from our zeitgeist and present it to today’s audience – an effort to show people all the cool stuff they may have missed out on. The film, American Graffiti from 1973 directed by George Lucas of Star Wars fame, is an important film in our culture and film history. This is a movie that NEEDS to be seen! The story is a slice of life from 1962, concerning a group of friends just out of High School, and is a coming of age tale as they face their fears and concerns regarding the major life changes ahead of them.

Joining me today is a brand new guest co-host named Lucas, who is not from America, but is very enthusiastic about discussing American pop culture on this show! This was his first viewing of American Graffiti and we had a great conversation, diving deep into the themes and subtext of the film. If you haven’t seen it, you definitely NEED to, and show it to a young person you know as well, then come back and listen to this show!

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