This is a re-post of Episode 3 (from before lost all its files) in which Re-Gor and Spencey Domepiece discuss the classic 1982 film Poltergeist, and the lackluster (and highly unnecessary) 2015 remake. The remake is so forgettable that our intrepid hosts have trouble remembering the synopsis as they are doing it!

One eggregious error we had was in discussing the cast, we neglected to talk about the late, great character actor James Karen who played Steve Freeling’s boss, Mr. Teague. James had an illustrious career that spanned from 1948 to 2018! He was in tons of TV shows including, As the World Turns, Car 54 Where Are You?, The Bionic Woman, Hawaii 5-0, and the Jeffersons among many many others. Some of his film credits include, Capricorn One, The Jazz Singer (1980), The Return of the Living Dead I & II, and Mullholland Drive, just to name a few. Once you see him, you’ll realize you’ve seen him in tons of stuff!

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