Then Is Now Podcast Episode 27 – Fright Night on Channel 9 with James Arena

As of this writing, a winter storm is hitting us like crazy. It’s time to shut the lights off and snuggle up on the couch to watch a scary movie, perhaps even a late night scary film! For those who grew up in New York in the 1970s and 80s, you had a plethora of horror film programming, but one that stands out among the rest and is beloved and remembered to this day was Fright Night on Channel 9, WOR-TV! In those days, there were no movie channels, so it was up to the big 3 networks and local independent stations to air movies for the audience to enjoy. And there were no DVRs or Streaming services, so if you missed it…you missed it!

Fright Night even reached my house in a suburb of Boston, in the 1980s when our cable system carried the New York channels WOR and WPIX, and I fondly remember staying up late to watch it! Well now the joy can be spread through the amazing book Fright Night on Channel 9, written by the talented James Arena!

James joins us on this episode and we delve into the history of Fright Night on WOR, how these types of shows were created, why they were so fun and beloved, and we even share our own personal memories of growing up and watching late night (or weekend daytime) horror shows! James is also author of of a 6-book series spotlighting dance music artists, and we discuss those books as well.

So sit back, snuggle up, and listen to a fabulous interview!!

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