Then Is Now Podcast Episode 26 – Universal Horror Primer


Then Is Now is the show about not only introducing young people to all the cool stuff they missed out on, but also educating people about stuff they SHOULD know.  Horror movies are no exception.

But if you are a life long fan of horror, and you want to introduce someone else or even a young person to the joys of horror movies, where does one begin? It’s harder with younger people because so many horror movies are simply not appropriate for children.

Well, we at Then Is Now have created this special sub-series of shows in which Re-Gor and filmmaker Chris Esper discuss this very matter, starting you off at the beginning with the classic Universal Horror movies!

Instead of simply going through Universal’s film library in release order, we are presenting them in series order; that is, we are taking a major monster movie and discussing that as well as all of its sequels.  In this episode, part 1 of this new sub-series, Re-Gor and Chris start with Dracula from 1931 and all of its sequels: Dracula’s Daughter (1936), Son of Dracula (1943), and House of Dracula (1945).

You may have to explain to the person you are teaching that not all movies are in color.  If they are very young, try getting them used to watching things like The Three Stooges and The Little Rascals, among other things.  As they will undoubtedly be entertained by those film short series, after a while they won’t question why there is no color in a particular film or TV series. As you start down the journey with us, you will be able to explain to your protege how black and white helps create mood and atmosphere, particularly in a scary film!

So start checking these films out, beginning with the Dracula series, and come back and join us for a fun episode!

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