Then Is Now Podcast Episode 21 – Classic TV Show Themes

From Maine…It’s Then Is Now episode 21!! 

On today’s episode, Re-Gor treats you to some great, classic TV Show themes! This one will be fun for the whole family, so gather ’round the RCA and listen to some TV show themes that everybody SHOULD know!

Special thanks to Patsy the Angry Nerd for helping out with this episode’s intro!!  You can check out his podcasts at!

Also, a shout out to Derek M. Koch and his Monster Kid Radio. We specifically referenced episode 471 of MKR, but you can check them all out at!

Both Patsy and Derek’s podcasts can be found wherever you download your favorite podcasts, so check them out!

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Below are the TV Magazine images referenced in Episode 21. Click on an image to enlarge.

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