Then Is Now Podcast Episode 14 – 13 Days of Hallowtober – Saw (2004) and Saw II (2005)

Prepare to be scared, Fright Fans!! Today I am joined once again by Spency Domepiece and Squishy as we take a dive into not one, but two fright features: Saw (2004) and Saw II (2005)!!

Not your typical horror series, the Saw movies together are like a tightly written TV Series in which later films not only reference, but explain things from earlier films.  Saw’s reputation precedes it, and it is a far more than a gore film, and definitely NOT torture porn like Hostel!  We encourage you to brave these two films, then listen to our discussion as we break them down and discuss the truly human aspects of these movies along with the scares, that make them so popular.

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