Then Is Now Podcast Episode 12 – 13 Days of Hallowtober – The Thing (1982)

Our 5th episode in the Then Is Now Series: 13 Days of Hallowtober is about my all-time favorite horror movie — John Carpenter’s The Thing from 1982!

Whether you think this is one of the scariest movies ever, or you left the theater (or your living room) in apt rapture at the dazzling practical special effects, this movie captivates the audience in a claustrophobic tale of men trapped in an Antarctic science station and confronted with an alien creature that can look like anyone!

Joining me is podcaster and author Patrick Rahall aka Patsy the Angry Nerd, and it was very hard for the two of us not to gush over this classic picture!

In terms of special effects, no other film before or since has topped it, and it puts any CGI effect to shame! So check out The Thing if you haven’t seen it, then listen to our lively discussion of the film!!

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