Then Is Now Podcast – Ep. 81 – William Windom Retrospective

Chris and I get things going as we discuss the Rhode Island ComiCon 2021, recent Pop Culture News, and present an interview with an amazing woman who chats about her fascination with a beloved character actor!

One thing we love on this show are character actors. These are the guys or gals whose face you recognize, but their names you can’t remember! You sometimes see one and say, “I know that guy! I’ve seen him before a thousand times!” These are the actors who aren’t the main star, but rather are in a supporting role which is often eccentric and or memorable! Sometimes a character actor can even steal the show and upstage the main actor or actress!

It is uncommon for a journeyman actor to also be a star, but the topic of our show today is a man who was both! William Windom, who is sadly no longer with us, has been paid tribute by an exceptional woman named Jenna Frisby who is a huge fan of William, and owns The William Windom Tribute website. She has amassed a vast collection of Windom’s appearances, who was well known for performances on Star Trek, the Twilight Zone, Night Gallery, and Murder, She Wrote among others. And Jenna is also working on a set of documentaries about him. Join us for a fascinating dive into an exceptional actor!

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