Then Is Now Podcast – Ep. 72 – 13 Days of Hallowtober 2021 – Kung Fu Zombie (1981)

From the Fayetteville Observer December 07, 1984.

John Grace, host of the Midnight Movie Cowboys podcast joins me for a discussion of a delightfully silly and fun Chinese horror/comedy, Kung Fu Zombie from 1981! John previously joined my co-host Patsy and I on a two part episode of The East Meets the West, where we delved deep into the Shaw Brothers company and Spaghetti Westerns as a whole as a primer for new listeners and refresher for existing ones, so if you haven’t had a chance, check it out!

Today’s film concerns Fang (Billy Chong), a martial artist, who foils a robbery and sends thug Lu Dai to jail. Desiring revenge, Lu returns to the town and hires Wu Lung, a Taoist priest, to raise several zombies to fight Fang. The plan backfires when Lu is killed by his own trap. His ghost then haunts the priest and demands to be resurrected. Kwan Wei Long, a serial killer, enters the town looking to duel with Fang and is seemingly killed by him. Happy to find a suitable corpse, Wu Lung attempts to put Lu Dai’s spirit into Long’s body. Long, however, is so evil that he is reanimated as a free-willed vampire. When Fang’s father dies, the priest uses his corpse to host Lu’s spirit, but the ceremony is interrupted, and the thug and Fang’s father share control of the body. Fang must now defeat the vampire and his father’s possessed corpse.

Join us for some great fun!

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