Then Is Now Episode 64 – Drive-In Asylum Fanzine with Bill Van Ryn

For those of us who grew up, pretty much from the 1950s to the 1990s, Newspapers carried ads for movies, and listings for the theaters and drive-ins that were playing those pictures. I used to love poring through the movies section of the Boston Globe to see what was playing because my parents and I went to the Cinema or Drive-In once or twice a week! And in those days, movie posters (which is now basically a lost art) were scaled down to smaller versions to fit as ads in the papers. Having been a serious collector of old TV Guides (back when they were in digest format and had 24/7 listings), I have been scanning those in for my Facebook Page. I’ve also expanded that to include images of movie ads from back in the day, and the page is called Retro TV Guide and Vintage Newspaper Movie Listings.

Today’s guest is Bill Van Ryn, a great guy who shares the same passion as me! Except he’s taken his love of those old ads one step further and publishes a fanzine called Drive-In Asylum, which you can get through Etsy. Each issue is chock full of those incredible newspaper ads and I love when I get an issue and sit down with it to carefully go through it page by page reading all the ads and articles! If you’re a fan of those old ads, or are discovering them for the first time, check out his fanzine, and share this lost art with the younger generation!!

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