Then Is Now Episode 62 – John Pyka – Back of the Cereal Box Podcast

As we often like to discuss things that have gone away from our pop culture, some things haven’t gone away. Things like breakfast cereals and collectibles are still in full force. Back in the day, Saturday mornings used to be special because before we had 24 hour cartoon channels, we could only get our new cartoons on Saturday mornings on one of the 3 networks that we had. With the advent of cable and satellite TV, cartoons, and even early morning comedies or scary films would be shown all over the dial on emerging 24/7 niche channels, and Saturday mornings stopped being special.

Well, that’s all over! Saturday mornings are special again, because on today’s show, entertainer, actor, singer, storyteller, magician, producer, director, and author John Pyka joins us today as we not only talk about his Saturday morning show, Back of the Cereal Box, but also his numerous other shows and endeavors! We had a highly entertaining conversation about collectibles, Saturday morning TV, the dangers of toxic fandom and more! Join us for a great conversation!!

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