Then Is Now Episode 58 – Johnny Whitaker

Former child star, the iconic and legendary Johnny Whitaker joins us today! One of my childhood idols, Johnny is most well known for the classic TV shows, Family Affair and Sigmund and the Sea Monsters. Johnny has had a fascinating journey in life, and he shares it all with us including details on the shows he worked on, a heartbreaking loss, a journey to “the dark side” (as he puts it), and his incredible work helping those in need, among other things!

Join us for this amazing interview, and reminisce with us as we go back in time to talk about the life of someone that a whole generation grew up with on TV!

It was a true honor to finally get the chance to talk with one of my favorite actors and idols growing up! I think many young boys in the 1970s wished they had Johnny’s singing and acting talent…I know I did! Johnny is an amazing person and does wonderful things to help people out, so please check out his web page and social media!

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