Then Is Now Episode 56 – Crossover with Pier 54 – A General Hospital Fan Podcast

General Hospital is an amazing daytime drama, or soap opera, that has been on the air since April 1st, 1963. The originality, creativity, and sheer entertainment of this show has helped it to survive over the decades, constantly re-inventing itself to stay relevant. GH pioneered action and adventure on daytime television in the early 1980s, and continues to thrill today!

On this episode, we have a special crossover with Pier 54 – A General Hospital Fan Podcast! Hosts Amanda and Shannon join me and we have a fun time discussing the show and all its complexities. We tackle how some of us have dealt with being made fun of for watching a soap, and we talk about just what makes GH so much fun to watch! Plus, I give a brief history of the show at the beginning.

If you always scoffed at soap operas or have been curious but never watched General Hospital, give this episode a listen! It’ll open your eyes to a whole new world of entertainment that is second to none! If you’re a fan of GH, then come on over and take a listen, and let us know if you agree what we discussed!

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