Then Is Now Episode 25 – Dr Scream’s Spook Show Revival with Keith Stickley

Episode 25 is upon us and have we got a fun one for you!

As discussed in a previous episode, Spook Shows are an almost forgotten form of entertainment where people would go to a movie theater after the films for the day were shown (usually at midnight). A magician would perform amazing magic tricks as well as a seance; monsters would come out of the movie screen and kidnap girls in the audience; a blackout would occur in which ghosts and other apparitions would fly all around the theater and much, much more!

Spook Shows were wildly popular from the 1930s until the mid-70s, and many thought they were gone and forgotten. Well, they’re not! Joining us in this episode is Keith Stickley, the man behind Dr. Scream’s Spook Show Revival. Keith has fashioned a Spook Show for modern audiences and is helping to keep this form of entertainment alive! We had a fun conversation that covered the history and pioneers of Spook Shows, as well as what goes on in Dr. Scream’s shows and more!

So join us for this episode so you can learn all about this almost forgotten type of unique, and fun, entertainment!

Check out pictures from Dr Scream’s Spook Show below!

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