Then Is Now Episode 23 – Blacklight Attractions with Larry Kirchner


As you know, Then Is Now is a show about all the cool stuff you may have missed out on, and Mini Golf has been one of those pasttimes (with windmills and giant dinosaurs!) that I haven’t thought about for quite some time.  When I stumbled across our guest’s Facebook page, I knew I just HAD to have him on the show, not only to discuss Mini Golf attractions, but also several other attractions that he creates.

Our special guest is Larry Kirchner of Blacklight Attractions, and we discuss all the cool things his business builds including Mini Golf, Laser Tag Arenas, Interactive Mini Golf, Blacklight Funhouses, Axe Throwing Arenas, Dark Rides, Haunted Attractions, Christmas Blacklight Attractions, Escape Rooms, Restaurant Theming and more!

Larry and I have a fascinating discussion and at the end it gets into how technology has changed the way we listen to music! His website is:, if you want to check out all the cool stuff that he can build for you!

So join us for a fun and lively conversation!

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