Then Is Now Ep. 94 – The Retro Cocktail Hour with Darrell Brogdon

For 25 years, Kansas Public Radio’s amazing show, The Retro Cocktail Hour, has been the home of Space Age Pop and incredibly strange music! And if you haven’t heard, or think you haven’t heard this great music, otherwise known as Lounge Music, then you’re in for a treat! RCH host, Darrell Brogdon joins us direct from the underground martini bunker to discuss his career, and his passion for this incredible music that also includes Exotica, Swing Jazz, Organ music and so much more!! We take a deep dive into the artists and songs that are still popular today and influencing today’s musical artists. If you’re not listening to this addictive show, then you’re missing out on all the music that’s shaken, not stirred. And don’t forget, The Retro Cocktail Hour’s 25th anniversary celebration is happening soon, so check out this amazing interview to learn the details!

Also, check out the images below that correspond with some of the things we talked about!

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This is the ad I found for Xavier Cugat’s School of Dancing!
From the El Paso Herald Post Wednesday, March 17, 1954.
One of the many records in my collection that we talked about.
Another of my favorites!
This is the one I mentioned that was signed by the artist!

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