Then Is Now Ep 113 – 13 Days of Hallowtober 2022 – Fright Night (1985 & 2011)

In this episode of our 2022 13 Days of Hallowtober special we cover a film and its remake: Fright Night! Spency and My-Kill join me once again to dissect the classic 1985 and then the 2011 version. Fright Night (1985) is truly a classic horror film with clear influence from the Hammer films of the 50s and 60s. Starring Roddy McDowell and William Ragsdale, the story concerns a young man who believes a vampire has moved in next door and he must convince washed up Horror TV Host, Peter Vincent, to believe him and help him destroy the undead villain!

This is definitely one you should already have seen! And be sure to stay for the blooper at the very, very end!

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