Then Is Now Ep 108 – 13 Days of Hallowtober 2022 – John Carpenter’s Vampires (1998)

Hey Folks, I just wanted to warn you in advance that this episode of Then Is Now’s 13 Days of Hallowtober, 2022 is perhaps one of the most controversial and polarizing ones we’ve had, so brace yourselves. Not since Episode 11 in which my guest co-hosts had strong opinions about the film “The Shining” – that went against what many horror fans think – have we had an episode that might seriously divide people.

My guests on this show are Scott SA Bradley and My-Kill, and we tackle the awesome vampire flick, “John Carpenter’s Vampires,” from 1998 starring the always cool James Woods.

However, 2 things happened:

Scott brought to the table some extreme and controversial opinions about the film, and I was blindsided, so I wasn’t prepared to truly discuss any of his points. As you’ll hear, it’s mostly him giving his opinion of the movie’s supposed subtext. Scott Bradley’s opinions are his own and do not necessarily reflect that of Then Is Now Podcast.

And second, My-Kill was unfamiliar with the movie and watched one of the sequels by accident! He did sit with us, though and listened to what Scott had to say. After we recorded, My-Kill went and watched the film himself, and had several counterpoints to Scott’s opinions. He came back and we recorded his take on the movie, and that will play after our discussion with Scott. My-Kill’s opinions are also his own and do not necessarily reflect that of Then Is Now Podcast.

So sit back and prepare yourself for some strong opinions!

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