The Films of John Saxon

John Saxon looking serious
LOS ANGELES – circa 1991: Actor John Saxon leaves Spago restaurant.
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Welcome! Here I will endeavor to review as many films starring legendary actor John Saxon as I can, focusing mainly on his genre films: Horror, Sci-Fi, Exploitation, Spaghetti Westerns, Poliziotteschi and several other interesting-sounding action flicks. At this point, I may only briefly touch upon some of his early films. If this goes as planned, and I reach the end of the selected films, I may re-approach his early films as well as his TV Movie and TV show appearances. With about 289 titles under his belt, according to IMDB and Wikipedia (take those sources with a grain of salt, but they’re the best I could do for now), just the list I’ve made is going to be daunting…yet fun! My criteria for picking the films is based on how he’s credited in a given film. Ones starring him will take priority, and the rest of the films I picked have to have Saxon in at least the first five credit mentions.

Join me on this road of discovery for one of Hollywood’s unsung heroes!

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