Patsy and I return to our regular format as we delve back into the Venom films and a Bud Spencer film! First up is The Rebel Intruders from 1980. Three refugees become sworn brothers during a war. One (Kuo Chui/Philip Kwok) works in a whore house, one (Chiang Sheng) in a gambling house, and the other (Lo Mang) in a martial arts school. They become embroiled in the war and are betrayed by one’s mentor.

And in Today We Kil, Tomorrow We Die! (1968) Brett Halsey stars as a Django lookalike who goes on the warpath to avenge the death of his wife. Bud Spencer teams up with him, this time without Terence Hill! The film was co-written by Dario Argento, and we discuss his influence that can clearly be seen in this movie!

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