The East Meets the West Ep. 13 – Primer Episode Part 1

This episode is not going to be our usual one in which we take a deep dive first into a Shaw Brothers film, then a Spaghetti Western movie. This episode is a primer intended for new listeners, as well as helping current listeners bone up on their Shaw and Spaghetti movies, or even to maybe clarify things that weren’t clear before. Patsy and I are joined by two experts on both Shaw and Spaghetti: John Grace from Midnight Movie Cowboys and a man known only as Sevenhooks!

We discuss actors, directors, and writers that we’ve only talked about on the show so far, but there will be some mention of ones that we didn’t. We had such an enjoyable and informative conversation that it was well over three and a half hours! Therefore, we’ve split it into two parts, for your enjoyment! We also revisit the first four movies covered in Episode 1 & 2, since Patsy was not present for those: 5 Deadly Venoms, Stranger and the Gunfighter, Crippled Avengers, and Django!

Even if you’re a long time listener, you won’t want to miss this one because there is a lot of information imparted here that we haven’t discussed on the show before! Enjoy!

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