The East Meets the West Ep. 12 – The Flag of Iron (1980) & My Name is Nobody (1973)

We continue to dive further into the Venom Mob films of the Shaw Brothers, and Terence Hill’s Spaghetti Western legacy. The Venoms films are hitting their stride like a well oiled machine, and Terence Hill gives a similar performance to that of the character Trinity, but is so good at it that it leaves you wanting more! Patsy the Angry nerd and I had a lot of fun covering today’s films.

This episode we discuss The Flag of Iron (1980) – When the virtuous Iron Flag Clan are ambushed by the Eagle Clan, the Flags’ leader is assassinated by a paid killer known as the Spearman, the eldest brother Chao Feng becomes the head of the Flags. However, the Eagles’ leader is also killed in the melee and the remainder of the Eagle clan go to the police about the death of their leader – forcing the police to at least appear to take action. To save the Flag clan, brother Lo takes the fall and agrees to go into exile. Upon learning that the Flags have taken over the Eagles and are perhaps more corrupt than the Eagles ever were, Lo vows to return home along with some help, and fix things once and for all.

And we discussed the Spaghetti Western, My Name is Nobody (1973), starring the aforementioned Terence Hill and instead of Bud Spencer, this time he’s teamed with the legendary Hollywood icon, Henry Fonda! Fonda plays an aging gunslinger who is just looking to retire until he meets Hill who is just referred to as “Nobody” and worships the oldster. Nobody explains that Beauregard (Fonda) can’t just fade away into obscurity, but needs to go out in style! Surprisingly, this was an idea by Sergio Leone, (who also produced it) and is a comedy. We go into great depth on this film, peeling away the layers of another picture that attempts to “deconstruct” the Spaghetti Western genre…this time by the guy who practically invented it!

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