Today we have an overview of Spanish horror director Jess Franco’s film career, and we’ll bring up some of our favorite Franco films! Award winning blogger Robert Monell and Re-Gor discuss Jess Franco’s amazing films!

If you’re keeping score at home, some of the films we discuss are:

The Awful Dr. Orlof 1962

The Diabolical Dr. Z 1966

Succubus 1968

The Blood of Fu Manchu 1968 – with Christopher Lee

Count Dracula 1969 – also with Lee

Vampyros Lesbos 1971

A Virgin Among the Living Dead 1973

Jack the Ripper 1976 – with Klaus Kinski

Oasis of the Zombies 1972 – First Franco I think I saw

Alone Against Terror 1983 – one I really want to see

Lust for Frankenstein 1998

Female Vampire

Other Side of the Mirror

Lorna the exorcist

Shining Sex 1975

Macumba Sexuale 1983

And several others! Join us for a fun discussion!

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