Written by Shaun Daniels and Edited by Sharon Wong

This Wednesday, Terry Moore will be releasing the first collection of his new ongoing series Rachel Rising.  Titled Rachel Rising: The Shadow of Death, the book includes the series’ first six issues.  It follows the life/death (or something of a hybrid of the two) of Rachel as she plays a part in a larger story that dates back to the time of the witch trials.  Moore is trying his hand at horror and is having a good go of it so far.  If you haven’t caught on with the series, this is your chance to jump on board.  On Wednesday, pull a copy off the comic book shelf or if you don’t make it out to one then you are in luck as Rachel Rising is being released digitally through ComiXology, same day and date.  All six separate issues are also available with issue 1 a whopping $.99 and subsequent back issues at only $1.99 each.  The current issue is $3.99.

Also available on Wednesday will be Moore’s last comic project, Echo.  He is making all 30 issues of his sci-fi thriller available though price points are not available at this time.  The only question left is when will Stranger in Paradise (or SiP as it is known) is going to be available digitally.  Considering the twentieth anniversary of the series is just around the corner next year, it should be only a matter of time.  As for other SiP news, Moore is being tight-lipped but has hinted at a possible return of some of the beloved characters so check out his blog for the tease.

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