Suicide Bombers, Spike and Alien Tumors…It Must Be Comic Book Quickies 6/15/11

Quickies Written by Shaun Daniels and Edited by Sharon Wong

Malignant Man #3  Written by James Wan & Michael Alan Nelson, Drawn by Pitor Kowalski and Published by Boom! Studios.  Retail price $3.99

Life has to suck finding out that you have a tumor and then finding out that the tumor is really an alien parasite that grants you powers…that’s another thing altogether.  Alan Gates is starting to come around to having a parasite taking up residence in his noggin so like anyone with an alien parasite in his or her head, you go to Area 51.  Could the answers be found at Area 51?  Can anyone stop the evil Mr. Cancer before he metastisizes throughout the world spreading his evil?!!!!


Graveyard of Empires #1  Written by Mark Sable, Art by Paul Azaceta and Published by Image Comics.  Retail price $2.99

Graveyard of Empires is another standout in the flood of number ones from Image Comics.  This book captures the lives of soldiers in Afghanistan, Sable and Azaceta by showing their strengths and weaknesses, and day-to-day lives.  As a new lieutenant  joins the unit, a “strange” suicide bomber attempts to attack the base.  Now when we say strange, we mean bombs stuffed inside the chest cavity of the suicide bomber.  This comic could have stayed as a modern war story but a twist ending that explains away the strangeness of the suicide bomber will have you saying “Oh Crap!” at the sight of the last panel.

Spike 100 Page Special  Written by Scott Tipton, Peter David & Brian Lynch, Art by Fernando Goni, Joe Corroney, Franco Urru & David Messina and Published by IDW.  Retail price $7.99

This reprint collection is of various issues of Spike, our favorite punk rock bumpy face vamp from the IDW backlog of comics.  This one shot has the sins of the vamp, formerly known as William the Bloody’s past, coming back to haunt him in the first tale.  The long-standing feud between Spike and Dracula is explored in the second tale from the creative team of Peter David and Joe Corroney.  The third story is of Spike recruited by a family to help their demonic daughter who has checked herself into a clinic that cures people of all things demonic.  Finally, if you ever wondered what happened to Angel and Spike after the season finale then look no further than the last story, “After the Fall First Night.”

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