Space Hitler, Civil Wars and Pure Creepiness…It’s Comic Book Quickies for 6/8/11

Starborn Issue #7  Written by Chris Roberson, Art by Khary Randolph & Matteo Scalera and Published by Boom! Studios.  Retail price $3.99

Finding out your dad is Hitler would suck.  Finding out your dad is Space Hitler would suck epically!!!   Benjamin Warner has little time to grasp the concept that his dad is the space equivalent of earth Hitler because he has to go toe-to-toe with the Vanguard of the Pride.  Stuck between loyalties to his father and those who lived under his oppressive rule, Benjamin must carefully navigate his newly found path.  With Roberson’s task of creating this epic tale, and Randolph and Scalera’s art, we’re not sure what we like more, the story or the art.

Jericho Season 3: Civil War Issue #6  Written by Dan Shotz, Robert Levine & Jason M. Burns, Art by Matt Merhoff, Cover by Scott West and Published by IDW.  Retail price $3.99

Jericho may be off the air but season three plays out in comic book form.  With the townspeople of Jericho trying to keep some semblance of a normal life, they are drawn further into the civil war that plagues what’s left of the country.  With double agents and treasonous intentions galore, this issue is jam-packed with action and story.  Will a secret kept by Jake and Hawkins spell the end of a normal life or will it blow up in their faces?  From the writing staff of Jericho and one of Horror Haven’s favorite up-and-coming writers, Jason M. Burns, pick this series up as it won’t get deleted off your DVR just because you have too many episodes of Gilmore Girls.



Green Wake Issue #3  Written by Kurtis J. Wiebe, Art by Riley Rossmo and Published under the Shadowline banner of Image ComicsRetail price $2.99

This abstract miniseries continues on in a mostly silent issue.  See a glimpse of the life of Morley Mack and the tragic car crash that landed him in the hell hole of a town known as Green Wake.  With Mack’s  former life being that of simple life which makes  the gut punch of a surprise that makes the crash even more damaging to his psyche.  Also in this issue, a possible reason is given as to why frog people exist in this town or at least a terrifying image of it.  The hardest part of this issue is trying to figure out what is more creepy…Wiebe’s writing or Rossmo’s art.

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