If only there was a way to buy a comic book that is sold out, without paying outrageously inflated eBay prices. If only there were such a place where the masses who missed out on buying issue 1 of the new DC new 52 could by these comics. If only there were a place where at anytime of the day you could buy a comic book, even in your underwear, eating a bowl of cereal. Well there is such a place: it’s called the digital market place.

It is amazing in this day and age, with advent of digital comics, that there are still people who jack up the prices on hard to find comics or sold out books. eBay is still a thriving industry for the 90’s state of mind, with regards to the comic industry. Currently there are issues of Animal Man #1 and Justice League #1 fetching up to $20. This is puzzling since a reader could easily just download the comic at cover price from the DC app, Comixcology or any other app that sells DC comics. To add salt to the wound DC is dropping the price on digital comics to $1.99 one measly month after the comic is released. Yes, not everyone owns a tablet PC or a smart phone, but many of the people bidding on these comics own said devices. Consider this: 9.3 million iPads were sold this year alone. To take it a step further 15% of all computer sales were made of tablet sales, seemingly paving the way for tablet PC’s to replace the home computer. Although tablets lend themselves to reading comics, smartphones have the same capability. 45.5 million Americans own a smartphone; not a number to sneeze at.

So what is keeping people away from digital comics? It must be that many readers are hooked on paper,or at least the tactile experience of reading a comic. There is also something to be said about the expirence of going to a shop and picking up your comics that is absent in the digital market place. Wether its the conversations at the shop or the routine of going to a shop…something is holding readers back. Still, though, at the end of the day its the comics that count, not the paper or the shops. The digital age is still in the infancy stage of development, but if missed out on buying a physical copy of a comic, give digital a chance. It won’t cost you $20 for the issue.

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