Slashers, Gorillaconda and Beast, Oh My…It’s Comic Book Quickies!

Quickie by Shaun Daniels and Edited by Sharon Wong

Hack/Slash Issue 15

Written by Tim Seeley, Art by Daniel Leister, Colors by Mark Englert, Letters by Crank!, Cover A by Tim Seeley & Rachelle Rosenberg, Cover B by Anders Eid and Published by Image Comics. Retail Price $3.50

There is a peck of books out this week…some are meh, some are OK.  The one book that stood out above the rest was issue 15 of Hack/Slash.  We see the sun set on the cure for Slashers as Cassie, Samhain and Cat’s quest draws to a close.  Instead of a cure, they discover an abandoned movie set where real monsters were used in lieu of Ray Harryhausen-special effects.  The small island the trio are on is also home to psychic dinosaurs who may have been the ones running the island, not the production crew.  Here a promise of a cure turns out to be anything but and it comes at a grave cost that resets the status quo for the Hack/Slash gang.  Back at home, Vlad receives both good and bad news pertaining to his current conditions.  Though not the ideal spot to jump aboard Hack/Slash, it is the perfect reason to download the series’ previous issues and catch up to issue 15.

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