Sci-Fi DoubleFeature: Radbots – Story & Letters by Josh Emmons and Art by Joe Song Cover by Jenny Frison / Kayross – Story & Art by Robbi Rodriguez.

Sci-Fi DoubleFeature is the third digital installment from Four Star Studios, the leader in independent digital comics.  From the funny, obsolete Transformer/Gobot analogue of the Radbots to the heady, dimension-hopping Kayross, this DoubleFeature lives up to the pedigree that the series is building for itself.  Nowhere else are you going to find laughs and mind-blowing Scifi for $.99 other than with Sci-Fi DoubleFeature.

Radbots were probably, at one point, state of the art and cutting edge technology but sadly, time moved on and they were never upgraded.  Brought to Earth after the satellite broadcasting their favorite show was destroyed, they take up temporary residence at the home of a young boy named Max.  Eventually, the Radbots comprised of Radprime, Radpunk, Radpod and ?segment are kicked out of Max’s house due to Radpunk’s diesel smoke and their freaking out every time the microwave was turned on.  It’s pretty clear that Josh Emmons and Joe Song are fans of 80’s cartoons as they poke fun at it in a loving manner.  Song’s art is a fun, cartoonish style that blends elements of Transformers and Gobots, all while giving them their own feel.  Another highlight is the cover reminiscent of a Atari video game cover by the talented Jenny Frison.  This comic is set up for hilarity, fun action and oh, someone blew up Ohio.

Kayross is a fun trippy series from the superfast, supertalented artist Robbi Rodriguez.  The story follows Money, a dimension-jumping thief that specializes in stealing intellectual property.  This issue is a set up for the following issue but it sounds like fun and we’re on board to find out what happens to the not-so-talented Money.  The art is both kinetic and very psychedelic which adds to the mood.  It’s not always easy to follow the story but that’s part of the fun, and the art will have you pouring over each panel again and again.  Plus, the crazy coloring runs the gamut of minimalist to super bright and vibrant.

Both Radbots and Kayross have great commentary, giving insight into the series and the creative team.  If you like comedy and hard Scifi, then download Sci-fi DoubleFeature.  It’s only $.99 for Christ’s sake and I’m betting you have that and much more hiding in your sofa.

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