Interview & Written by Shaun Daniels and Photos & Edited by Sharon Wong with Audio Editing by Stephen Laskey of Laskey Productions

The date for Boston Comic Con is always circled once or twice on our calendars, so it’s an understatement when we say we look forward to the con each and every year.  We always meet new people, including creators, writers, artists and fans, as well as recognize faces from cons past.  One such familiar face is Brandon Barrows, who is one of our three favorite people from Vermont, the first two being Ben & Jerry (if Brandon goes into the ice cream business, he might usurp Ben & Jerry from the top spots).

We talked to the creator and writer again at the Reasonably Priced Comics booth but this time around, Brandon spoke of the big news of his Action Lab Entertainment-published Jack Hammer.  He also hinted at his upcoming horror project Red Run, which is up at indie gogo (click to find out more and to support), and discussed digital comics.  If you want to keep up to speed on everything Brandon Barrows, go to his Website and/or follow him on twitter @BrandonBarrows.

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