Presenting Presents…A Gift from Dark Horse

Review by Shaun Daniels and Edited by Sharon Wong

Dark Horse Presents Issue 11
Written by Francesco Francavilla, Steve Horton, Carla Speed McNeil, Steve Niles, Evan Dorkin, Tim Seeley, John Arcudi, Andrew Vachss, Neal Adams, Frank Barbiere, Art by Francesco Francavilla, Carla Speed McNeil, Evan Dorkin, Neal Adams, Michael Dialynas, Jonathan Case, Victor Drujiniu, Tonci Zonjic, Geof Darrow, Luke Radl, Cover Art by Tonci Zonjic & Francesco Francavilla and Published by Dark Horse Comics. Retail Price $7.99

The Fright Channel and Horror Haven wanted to present Dark Horse Presents #11 last week but the 2012 Boston Comic Con presented itself to us.  Well, we’re presenting it now and then we’ll present BCC treats throughout the next few weeks. (How many times can we use the word “present” in a paragraph?  Apparently, not enough.)

With Dark Horse Presents #11, come for the House of Fun, and stick around for The Occultist, Criminal Macabre and Black Beetle.  Leading off is writer and artist’s Francesco Francavilla’s Black Beetle, whose pulpy story is action-packed and packed full of the bad guys you love to hate…the Nazis.  Francavilla introduces readers to the only superhero who is able to stop them, the mysterious Black Beetle.  Where can a story go wrong when it features Nazis wearing helicopter backpacks and searching for supernatural artifacts?  It can’t with Black Beetle.

Issue 11 also features the next chapter of stories like Steve Niles’ undead, hardboiled story Criminal Macabre.  In this book, an alliance is formed but will it be enough to stop the madness of the world?  As for The Occultist, writer Tim Seeley offers us another look; Rob and Detective Melendez break up a creepy date that involves baby snatching and exorcist-style crabwalking.

Finally, the best part of the book is Evan Dorkin’s House of Fun.  In just three panels of each strip, Dorkin will have you laughing your ass off.  From a broken robot looking for help to exploring the effects of a guest appearance by Batman in a comic book, House of Fun is worth the hefty price tag.  There’s also a cameo by everyone’s favorite dairy products gone bad, Milk & Cheese.

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