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Are you in the market for a new home?  Are you worried about your family’s safety against zombies? Then we at Horror Haven Realty have the perfect home for you!

Name:  Safe House

Address: Small village at the outskirts of Warsaw, Poland

Property Information:

Living Area – 566.61 square meters

Property Area – 2500 square meters

# of Living Levels – 2


Drawbridge – Yes

Entrances – Yes [only one on the second floor]

Large shutters – Yes [3.5 meters in length]

Retractable Walls – Yes [15 meters long]

Roll Down Gate/Movie Projection Screen – Yes [6 meter high]

Safety Zone – Yes [visitors must wait in the safety zone before entering the house]

Slideable Gates – Yes [2]

Thick Exterior Fence: Yes

Utilities – hybrid heat system (heat pump and solar systems supported by gas heating) and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery

Other Exterior Features – Courtyard, garden, roof terrace, swimming pool

Other Property Info:

Architect – Robert Konieczny of KWK Promes with Lukasz Zadrzynski and Marcin Jojko, Magdalena Radalowicz [interior design], and Grzegorz Komraus and Aleksandra Palach [structural engineering]

Awards – Mies van der Rohe Award Nomination 2008, shortlisted for WAF Awards 2009 (Barcelona)

Materials – Anodized aluminum, concrete, mineral wool, steel, etc.

Year Designed – 2004-2005

Year Built – 2005-2009


A single family, cuboid house with an open floor plan with floor-to-ceiling windows. It “wakes up every morning to close up after the dusk.”  Best of all, it is ZOMBIE-PROOF!

all images courtesy of kwk promes

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