Review by Shaun Daniels and Edited by Sharon Wong

Angel & Faith issue #5

Written by Christos Gage, Art by Phil Noto, Colors by Dan Jackson, Covers by Steve Morris & Rebekah Isaacs, and Published by Dark Horse Comics

A familiar face graces our two title characters’ presence in the fifth issue of Angel & Faith in merry olde England.  Whom may you ask is that familiar face?  Here’s a hint: her name begins with an H and ends with a Y.  Yes, it is the return of everyone’s favorite fanged former executive assistant, Harmony, who is traveling with the demon Clem and carrying baggage, aka problems.  It appears a controversial videotape, the equivalent of a sex tape for a vampire, is ruining Harmony and her reality star status.  Of course, Angel is the only person/vampire she can think of to save her.  After some “consideration,” Angel and Faith try to get to the bottom of who is putting out the tape and the suspect list is long.  It includes both vampires and anti-vampire groups, and anyone who likes good tv.

While reading the book, it’s as if you can hear the voices of the actors who played the characters on the show.  Each and every line spoken by Angel, Faith and Harmony will fill your head with the voices of David Boreanaz, Eliza Dushku and Mercedes McNab, respectively.  Christos Gage pulls an interesting switch in this issue by giving us Angel’s inner thoughts in the form of thought bubbles.  The switch will play out as an intriguing juxtaposition to the opening arcs look into Faith’s thoughts.

Angel & Faith artist Rebekah Isaacs takes a break from the series in this issue (minus the variant cover), letting Phil Noto lend his art to the issue.  It speaks volumes of the series when you go from the talented Issacs to the talented Noto, who renders the characters with the features of those Buffy and Angel fans have come to know and love, all while keeping his unique art style.  If there is a rough spot in the book, it is in the art of Clem.  Noto tries his best with the daunting task of drawing skin roll after skin roll after skin roll, but Clem ends up looking a little muddy.  Steve Morris turns in another amazing cover next to Isaacs’s so you’ll have to make the Solomon’s choice on which cover you want to buy.

It’s not that Buffy season nine gets no love, it’s just that this is the best Buffyverse book being published.

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