Mothra, Automaton and Liz Sherman it must be Comic Book Quickies 7/13/11

Mothra, Automaton and Liz Sherman it must be  Comic Book Quickies 7/13/11

Godzilla: Gangsters & Goliaths issue # 2 Written & Lettered by John Layman, Art by Alberto Ponticelli, Published by IDW, Retail Price $3.99

If you were a disgraced Tokyo police detective Sato, framed for the murder of your partner and ended up on monster Island what would you do?  Of course kidnap the little people who control Mothra and head back to Tokyo and take your revenge on the Yakuza leader who has half of the Tokyo police on the take, pretty obvious.  This is a fun and new take on Kaiju stories and shows that they can do more than just destroy a city.  A virtual goliath sized breath of fresh air from Layman & Ponticelli.

Dollhouse: Epitaphs issue #1 Writer: Andrew Chambliss, Maurissa Tancharoen, Jed Whedon, Penciller: Cliff Richards, Inker: Andy Owens, Colorist: Michelle Madsen,  Cover Artist: Fiona Staples, Published by Darkhorse Comics, Retail Price $3.50

The world’s only hope is Alpha a former Doll/Automaton that had snapped after too many personalities had been downloaded into his brain.  Alpha and a handful of survivors must save the world after the mind altering tech that was used by Rossum Corporation to fulfill the fancies of the upper-class has been beamed into the entire population’s minds.  Soccer moms gone mad, brothers and sisters turning into murders truly a mad, mad world.





B.P.R.D.: HELL ON EARTH—MONSTERS #1,  Creator Mike Mignola, Story by Mike Mignola & John Arcudi, Artist Tyler Crook, Colorist Dave Stewart, Cover Artist Ryan Sook, Retail Price $3.50

The Bureau is on vacation deep in the heart of Texas and by vacation we mean off fighting Giant monsters of the bat-eared variety.  Whilst the Bureau is off Liz Sherman returns front and center to the book/series Liz has only recently appeared in a flashback.  Liz is kicking ass and taking names and doing it in of all places a trailer park.  This issue is jammed packed with cults, a frog and supernatural menaces, everything we want to see in a B.P.R.D.  book.  This issue features new artist, Tyler Crook taking over for series regular Guy Davis who recently left the book.  So far we’re liking what we’re seeing from Crook.




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